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How to Check Your Virginia Land Surveyor Stamp for Compliance

Starting your own business involves a lot of hard work no matter what end goal you have in mind. However, if you plan on trying to make it as a land surveyor, the road is going to be a bit rougher than for most. That’s because this industry is incredibly regulated, especially here in Virginia. This means you’ll have to do all kinds of extra work just to get off the ground.

One example of this is the Virginia land surveyor stamp you need just to start. Truth be told, it really doesn’t look like much, but you can’t legally act as a surveyor without one. Furthermore, it’s worth taking a minute to go over your Virginia land surveyor stamp once you get it just to make sure there aren’t any flaws that would knock it out of compliance.


The Dimensions of the Virginia Land Surveyor Stamp

Let’s begin with the Virginia land surveyor stamp’s dimensions. Whether you decide to use a stamp or seal, the diameter of it must be 2". This might seem like an odd detail to care that much about it, but just remember that it’s the law, so there’s no point thinking about it. Just be sure yours is the right size or someone else may notice and you could end up in a lot of trouble for this trivial reason.

The Image on the Virginia Land Surveyor Stamp

The Virginia land surveyor stamp is pretty much about as basic as it gets. This just means, though, that you should have that much easier of a time looking yours over and spotting any problems.

The perimeter of the Virginia land surveyor stamp is made up of black diamonds that give it a jagged inner and outer surface.

Inside the stamp, you should see, “Commonwealth of Virginia” going across the top. Then, down below, you should read, “Land Surveyor.” In the middle of the stamp, your name should be displayed just as it was listed on your application. Finally, just below, you should see your license number.

That’s all there is to a Virginia land surveyor stamp, so take a moment to look at yours closely and make sure there won’t be any unexpected problems down the line.