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Georgia Architect Embossing Stamp for a Busy Industry

If you read about architecture in Georgia, you see that it is a thriving industry. Not only an essential part of building but also a historical and artistic area of interest too, there are different schools focused on this career path and more than 1,700 architects at work in the state right now. Each of them requires a Georgia architect embossing stamp that is in direct alignment with the state's laws, and none can submit drawings, specifications or other formal documents used for permits or permissions without the right Georgia architect embossing stamp.

The design of any Georgia architect embossing stamp is detailed in the state Board's specifications. Unlike many other parts of the country, the Georgia guidelines are very rigid and demand very clear and specific language. The basics of any Georgia architect embossing stamp design include the standard size of 1.75" diameter. This is a mandatory size and it must feature an inner and outer circle contained within the seal.

The state demands that the Georgia architect embossing stamp be a rubber stamp and that within the outermost circle the following text will appear: "State of Georgia" is to appear around the upper half of the outer band and "Registered Architect" is to appear at the lower edge of the band. Within the central circle the name of the architect is to appear, centered and running horizontally. Along the bottom of the inner circle the license number will appear on the Georgia architect embossing stamp/

Very specific text is to be used in documenting the number, and "Certificate No." will precede the architect's official licensing number. The use of the prefix "RA" is optional when documenting the licensing number as well. Unlike many other states, the Georgia architect embossing stamp is also very specific about the fonts to be used. The State of Georgia text is to be Arial 10 pt, the Registered Architect is to appear as Arial 7. The inner text is to use Arial 10 for the name of the architect and Arial 7 for the certification number.

Be sure to find a trusted source when in need of a Georgia architect embossing stamp. They must meet very particular guidelines and are used in a controlled manner. They are connected directly with the reputation of their owners and as such should be accurate, legal and well made to ensure clarity whenever they are used to seal a document.