What Is a Notary Public?

August 13th, 2009 | Rss Feed

A notary public is an individual legally authorized by a state to verify identities; administer oaths; and witness and take acknowledgments of the signing of documents. A notary public uses a embossing tool to verify his presence at the time the documents are signed. I other words, a notarized document refers to a document that is specially embossed with a notary seal to affirm that the person signing a document is who he says he is. Almost every state issues a unique identifying number to each notary public to prevent fraudulent use of the embosser.

Now, we know that a stamp of approval in the most important thing that a notary public must have. It can be a seal of office or a stamp. He uses the seal to officially notarize any contract or document. Without a notary stamp, a notary public can not do his business. Besides notary stamps , he must also have various clerical supplies such as record books, handbooks and embossing seals. However, a stamp is considered as an exclusive property for a notary. Therefore, losing his stamp or misplacing it can cause problem for a notary.

Today with so many craft shops available there, getting a replacement or new notary stamp has become quite an easy task. It can be found at local stationery stores. Online craft stores boast a wide variety of such stationery as well. These stores require a notary to provide the details to be engraved on the stamp in order to get the right looks of the stamp. A notary stamp basically contains the full legal name of the notary, the name of the state, the commission number and the date of expiration of the commission.

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