Innovative Soft Seal Personal Embossers

September 21st, 2009 | Rss Feed

Soft seal personal embossers are very popular in the market. They come in varied shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of different type of users. They are considered immensely handy for personalizing your cards, greetings, seals, documents and other pieces of paper.

Just like other seals, soft seal personal embossers also support a heavy duty frame and precision parts to ensure good performance and long durability. With a sliding lock mechanism, they are very easy to store and use. Currently, the market offers various sophisticated soft seals that have around a 1-1/2” reach from the edge of the page. They are good for one sheet of 20-24lb paper.

If you require soft seals, plenty of options are available to you. There are thousands of online stores offering advanced and innovative soft seal personal embossers with various offers and deals.

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