Embossing And Embossers

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What is embossing? Well, it is a special form of craft that involves use of heat or pressure to create image or design on two-dimensional surfaces like paper, textiles or metals. The process is popularly used to improve or enhance various paper products like tissues and paper towels by giving them texture. Embossing has become an important part of today’s life. Embossed letters or images are now created to add extra edge to various things like greeting cards, birthday cards and many more. Embossing is great to give your gifts a professionally crafted look, while still maintaining a personalized feel!

An embosser is an indispensable part of embossing. It can be used in many different ways to add decoration or design to several different materials. Embosser is a tool that is employed to create raised designs or images in a three-dimensional form. Embossers can be both personalized or custom-made. Browse through an art shop and you will get all these! Basically, embossers are the perfect tools for making a uniform mark or logo on several types of materials. Some of the ideal embossing materials include, card board, plastic, foil, leather, steel, paper, gold, silver, iron, platinum, zinc, lead and tin.

The main purpose of using an embosser is to add texture and distinction to various materials, making them look unique and personalized! Embossers are also a cost-effective way of labeling or adding signature to different items. There are several types of embossers available now-a-days. Typically, they come in manual forms, which require us to apply pressure to the handle. This pressure forces a plate to push the design onto the material. Besides, there are heat-based embossers. This type of embossers function in the same way as the former, but they require heat instead of pressure. Also there are commercial embossers that work just like hand embossers, however, they can be built to run with the push of a button. These are the perfect embossers when it comes to emboss hundreds of items within a short period of time. There are some embossers that allow users to have multiple design plates.

The size of an embosser can range from hand-held devices to large machines. An embosser is used to create a seal using wax to seal or authenticate documents or envelopes. Other usage of embossers include creating logo or corporate designs on letterhead and personalized stationery. If you want to get little more innovative, you can use embossers to personalize your photo albums, invitations and much more.

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