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Custom Embossers Provide Creative Expression and Professional Style

Have you ever considered using a custom embosser? They are versatile and easy to use in many different situations. The best part is, they can look professional and still allow you to show your creative side all at the same time. This is especially true when you choose a custom logo embosser. Here at Acorn Sales, we let you fully customize your design so that it could be used for many different purposes. 

Just what are some of the uses? An embosser could have a place in a business or home setting. Here’s how:

  • Custom embossers with logos can be perfect for business letters, stationary and letterhead, making your company logo known in an elegant way.
  • Custom embossers could be used at home to make your stationary, greeting cards, and envelopes look nothing less than beautiful.
  • You could customize custom embossers with a monogram perfect for wedding invitations, thank you notes, and even wedding napkins.
  • If you sell artwork, handmade greeting cards, or anything else involving paper, then you could even have an embosser made to mark your art.

This list could go on and on.

Essentially, there are so many different purposes for  custom embossers than you could find yourself reaching for it time and again.

And, one of the advantages of choosing one of our custom embossers is that you can get different artwork. Once you have the machine, all you need to do is get new inserts made. That can save you money and this way, you can use the custom embosser for many different things. You may have inserts for:

  • Your Logo
  • Your Custom Mark
  • Your Monogram
  • A Single Initial

By including interchangeable inserts, the embossers are even more useful than you may have imagined. 

Choosing a Custom Embosser Model

If you decide to purchase a custom embosser, then keep in mind that we offer different models to suit your needs. It certainly would make sense to compare your options and make sure you pick the right one from the beginning. Here are some of the choices you will have:

  • A handheld custom embosser is easy to use, small and portable. You can emboss without having to sit the device on a desk, which can have its advantages.
  • A desk custom artwork embosser will be larger and heavier duty. That way, it can handle thicker paper and last a longer time. It’s the perfect choice for high volume embossing.
  • Extended and long reach custom artwork embossers make it easy for you to position the embossing where you would like. This is ideal if you need to emboss somewhere else rather than near the edge of paper.
    A hybrid embosser has multiple advantages. It includes the ease of use of a desk model and it is small enough to carry around like a pocket model.
  • Gift embossers are attractive and come in gold, silver, or matte black. If you want to give someone a monogram, logo, or art embosser as a special gift, then one of these would be an ideal option and they will certainly look attractive on any desk.
  • A soft seal embosser would be useful for artwork, greeting cards, and other creative uses

With all of these choices, you can pick a custom embosser to suit any need.

Custom Embossers - Easily design your own completely customized embosser in our design gallery.

Custom Logo & Artwork Embossers - Express your creativity with a custom logo embosser!

Professional Stamp Seal Embossers - Our embossers don't just look good, they're great for professional use too!

Shopping for Custom Embossers at Acorn

When you need a custom logo embosser, then turn to Acorn Sales. You can see all of our models at www.AcornSales.com. We want to make it as easy as possible to ensure you get just the embosser you want. You can upload your artwork and we will turn it into an embosser design.

Then, you can choose from a few different sizes for the seal and even the orientation of the insert. Because our embossers are fully customizable, we can guarantee you get the exact product that you want.

A great reason to shop with us is that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our embossing stamps. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that we will take care of any problems that may arise? Here at Acorn, we have been in business since 1964, so you can count on us for having the type of experience to handle any stamp or embosser product.
To make things even better, we offer a 24-48 hour turnaround time. If you are in a hurry to get your embosser, then you won’t have to wait very long at all.

There are so many different ways you could use custom embosser. It could be perfect for your business logo or for artwork you want to include on your at-home projects. Be as creative as you would like, and you are certain to find plenty of different uses for your embosser at home or at the office. Choose your custom logo embosser today.