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Latest Technology Address Stamps

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

An address stamp is used for various purposes and can be customized accordingly. With the advent of new technologies, they can be personalized as per the necessities of the sender these days. They are used to mark an imprint on the back of an envelope or on some other piece of stationery, invitation card or greeting. They offer an error-free experience and give your message a more personalized touch. The receiver feels special while receiving the message. This is the outcome of the great progress in technology in recent times.

These address stamps convey the message to your near and dear ones very efficiently. They are highly efficient and save the time and energy of both the sender and the receiver. The stamps come with 3 or 4 lines for imprinting the address and deliver quality impressions. These address stamps come in three different varieties as Regular Rubber Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps and Slim Stamps. There are many color choices available in these stamps other than the usual black color. (more…)

Variety of Date Stamps

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

As technology is progressing, each and every product in the market is getting upgraded to match the latest standards of the new technology. The same is the case with date stamps. Earlier, these date stamps were accompanied by an additional kit that consisted of ink pads for multiple purposes. This was an additional responsibility for the person carrying the date stamps. But now these stamps have been improvised with the latest technology and have been taken over by custom date stamps where the date and text can be customized together.

These custom date stamps are available in large varieties such as die plate date stamps, line date stamps, local style date stamps, double date stamps, single bridge date stamps and maxlight per-inked date stamps. They serve different purposes like some are used in banks and businesses for official purposes. These stamps feature an in-built ink pad and stamp mount. The ink pads can be replaced as per the convenience of the user and come with plastic covers. It preserves the ink and keeps it ready for use. When pressed properly, these stamps deliver a perfect and smooth impression. (more…)

Various Features of Self Inking Address Stamps

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Self Inking Address Stamps are multi-purpose stamps that prove to be of help in customizing articles like letter heads, invitation cards, greetings and much more. With the help of these stamps you can personalize these articles with different styles and designs. It saves the effort to ink the pads again and again and they also offer quality smooth impressions. These address stamps are easily available in the market at minimal prices and are completely foolproof.

Self Inking Address Stamps come with a 3 line address space leaving no space for errors. It gives you a clean impression and avoids smudges. It has a built-in ink pad that offers a capacity of delivering 20,000 smooth impressions. These stamps come in different 10-12 point font types. You can put it to the best use by taking care of it properly as these stamps require adequate care. It is very light in weight and you can easily carry it to different places. It leaves regular stamps and pads quite behind in the race and proves to be a more preferred option. (more…)

Art Rubber Stamps for Designing Purposes

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Art rubber stamps are the most popular form of rubber stamps that the children and youths use for various purposes. These art stamps can be used for designing cards, scrap book making and for various other personalizing purposes. It adds a touch of creativity and innovation in things. These stamps are used on several occasions like teacher’s day, Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas and a few other religious activities. They are available in different varieties offering you great options to choose from.

Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day are a few kinds of art rubber stamps that are available in the market. These stamps also come in a variety of floral or border stamps that make things attractive. These stamps are also available with etched occupations like farmer, nurse, train engineer, doctor, policeman and so on. They are also available in letter set (from A to Z) and number set (from 0-9) to add to your stamp collection. (more…)

Easy to Use Self Inking Notary Stamps

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Self-Inking Stamps are examples of the advancement in technology. These stamps are especially designed for various notary purposes. An ink pad with a capacity to apply approximately 5,000 impressions is attached with the stamp. This helps in avoiding any kind of smudges on the documents.  They are quite lightweight and easily portable. As the notary has to go to many places at times, these stamps are designed in such a way that they can be easily carried to various places.

These self-inking notary stamps can be used for notarizing various government and official documents. These stamps are issued by the Secretary of the State in the name of the notary public only. These seals can be manufactured by those people only who get a sanction from the State to manufacture them. It is illegal to carry notary stamps until and unless you are authorized by the State to do so. Self inking stamps come in various sizes and price ranges as per the necessity of the notary public. (more…)

Replace the Ink Pad for Easy Imprinting Jobs

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Self inking stamps have captured the entire market. People who were tired of inking the stamps with ink pads again and again are shifting to self ink stamps. These are easy to use and can also replace the ink pads for making an impression on many documents. These are not only in use for official purposes but also for the notary department.

The main reason of using these self inking stamps by a notary public is that they don’t require stamps to be inked again and again for stamping purposes. They have a very special mechanism in which the ink pad is already inbuilt in the stamp. When pressure is applied on the stamp, the depressed areas are inked with the ink pad installed in it thus leaving a fine impression on the paper. The stamp is rolled back to it original position after performing its job. (more…)

Basic Requirements for Making Notary Public Stamps

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Clerical supplies like notary books, embossing seals and record books are specially meant for notaries to notarize legal documents.

A notary stamp is a notary public property and should be kept under the supervision of a notary. Mostly, a notary public seal has a rubber stamp that is affixed to the notarized paper documents in a photographically reproducible black ink.

A notary public stamp has full legal name of the notary, state, commission number and date of expiry of the commission. In some of the notary public stamps, a thin line about the county from where the notary is qualified is also present. (more…)

Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Soft Seal Embosser- A Portable Device

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

The use of seals in offices is very common as getting the various types of impressions are not possible manually. This is why we need to take the support of different seals and stamps in offices to satisfy our various printing needs. One of the most commonly used machines for having the finest impression on paper is the Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Soft Seal Embosser. It is small in size and can be easily carried anywhere along with you.

Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Soft Seal Embosser  is especially designed to meet various printing requirements in the real estate sector. It is available at highly competitive prices from various retailers across the world. With its easy sliding lock mechanism and heavy duty frame, it is a perfect machine for enjoying a good impression. (more…)

Charm of Rubber Stamps is Still On!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Since the 20th century, rubber stamps have been in great use. The reason behind this is that they are a vital official tool for all kinds of businesses. The charm of using rubber stamps has not decreased even with the extensive use of computers in the daily official routine.

The rubber stamps have maintained their special place and are still widely used in all kinds of office related work. In the age of computers, it is surprising to see the ever expanding use of these stamps in various other areas like signatures stamps, depository stamps, notary stamps and many more other stamps.

The main purpose of using rubber stamps is to keep a track of all official documents which consists of the received stamps, the paid stamps and also for banking requirements like the depository stamps. These stamps usually indicate the date and time a document is sent out and received in the company. This helps to keep a proper record of all the items to avoid silly errors. (more…)

Attractive Range Of Real Estate Appraisers

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The market of seals and stamps has grown very large in the world. Lots of manufacturers of seals have sprung up to offer you a wide variety of seals. Companies are making seals for the real estate sector as well. Since the printing needs of the real estate sector are changing every now and then, therefore companies are coming up with sophisticated and innovative sealing devices these days.

The good thing is that the sealing machines meant for the real estate sector are available in varied shapes, sizes and colors. Further, all these devices are available at highly affordable prices. Some of the popular real estate seals can be named as Real Estate Appraiser Desk Seal Embosser, Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Soft Seal Embosser and Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Seal Embosser to mention a few. (more…)