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Get Quick Results With Your Line Number Stamp

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Line number stamps are a convenient way to ensure speedy imprinting of numbers on your documents. In a business company, record company, newspaper house, shop, etc the use of these stamps is inevitable. They are compact, light weight and impressive looking.

The various line number stamps that are available () include regular band stamps and self-inking band stamps. Regular band stamps come with a combination of the numbers 0 to 9. But it’s customizable and you can make alpha-numeric characters, words, phrases and other important symbols as well. Regular band stamps require a separate stamp pad. Self-inking stamps are available in red, blue, green, black and violet colors and require no extra stamp pad. (more…)

Benefits of Electric Date and Time Machine

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

The technological advancements have enabled the manufacturers to bombard the market with a variety of Electric stamps. The availability of these stamps depends on the needs of the users at the other end. These can be categorized into electric time stamp and date stamps, electric numbering machines, multi-function printers, vertical printing devices, jet stamps, etc.

Those days are gone when one had to keep waiting till the printing process was completed. The Electric Time and Date Machine has made the tedious job of printing the date and time, a very easy one for the companies. These machines help the organizations and companies in keeping a track of basic details including the date and time for the documents processed. The machines save time by printing automatically when a paper is inserted into them. One of the greatest benefits of the Electric Date and Time Machine is that it prints multiple copies simultaneously. (more…)

Xstampers for saving time

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Xstampers are pre-inked stamps that can be customized to accommodate your personal needs. Whether you want your company logo, business logo, family’s name, artwork, etc, they can be easily featured on it. They are really convenient to use as they eliminate the use of a stamp pad thus ensuring quicker service. The ink needs to be refilled after marking approximately 50,000 impressions and it uses a maximum six drops of ink for this time period.

The Xstampers that are available () include custom xstampers, custom xstamper date stamps, one color stock stamps to name a few but not the entire list. The wonderful features about these stamps are that they can be used on stationary, wedding cards, letterheads, etc. Many companies offer lifetime guarantees on the product and your custom message will be proofread several times as well as shown to you before its creation so that there is no possibility of a customer being dissatisfied. You can choose your preferred color whether it’s blue, red, green, pink, yellow, etc. (more…)

Popularity of Rubber Stamps

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Rubber Stamps are a popular art form and are suitable for all kinds of business purposes. History reflects the enormous use of rubber stamps since the 20th century. The charm of rubber stamps is still significant even with the great use of computers for official purposes. Rubber Stamps act as an important official tool as there is a need of marking documents repeatedly.

The use of Rubber Stamps is increasing day by day. Their involvement is also seen in various other areas like signatures stamps, depository stamps and notary stamps, etc. Rubber stamps serve the purpose of maintaining records by displaying the date and time of a particular document being sent out and received. These stamps are of great use in keeping a track of all official documents and they also help in avoiding errors. (more…)

Use Date Stamps to make your Service Efficient

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The new electronic date stamps make date stamping an error free as well as a quicker process. All one has to do now is change the date on the stamp everyday or whenever they wish to use the stamp the next time. The date stamps are commonly used by banks and businesses to verify documents, sort them according to the appropriate date so that customers as well as the company is aware of when a particular transaction took place thereby making life much more orderly and enjoyable.

The variety of the available date stamps are a treat to behold including Light Duty self inking stamps, heavy duty self inking stamps, line date stamps, max light date stamps, double date stamps and xstamper date stamps to name a few but not the entire list. (more…)

Personalization through Classic Wood Stampers

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Classic Wood Stampers are attractive multi-purpose items that can be used for carrying out both official and personal tasks. Their classic look is an added advantage for the users. These wood stampers help in personalizing your message according to the occasion and need. So be ready to spell out what exactly you feel with the help of these Classic Wood Stampers .The usage of this item is the simplest way to add a personal touch to your message.

If you are bored of the same old design and pattern then nothing can be a better option than these classic wood stampers to refresh your message. These stampers give you an opportunity to be creative and design your message according to your necessity. Classic Wood Stampers also serve the purpose of designing and decorating and allow you to be original and unique. (more…)

Classic Wood Stampers for Personalizing Purposes

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Stampers are used to carry out multiple purposes. Whether it’s a letter, an invitation, or a message to be sent across, stampers come as a help in personalizing them according to the occasions and necessities. They convey a classic look and that makes them more desirable and attractive. The stampers fulfill both official as well as personal purposes like design making, scrap book making and in many other possible ways too. They also make the perfect gift items for people whom you care about.

With the classic wood stamper one can easily add a personal touch to the message or invitation being sent to the near and dear ones. The mails reflect your true feelings to the receiver very clearly and it makes them feel very special and important. The impression of the stamper is of the best quality and gives a clear imprint of your message. This makes them more preferable by people all over the world. They are completely reliable and durable. The impressions are not only attractive but also long lasting. (more…)

Self Inking Stamps For Perfect Impressions

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

The self-inking stamps are gaining significance in the market because of their usage. They come equipped with the latest additions that help them in delivering perfect quality impressions. The self inking stamps make your task easy and simple because they do not require you to carry an extra stamp pad to get the imprints done. Every self-inking stamp comes with an in-built ink pad that lasts up to mark 5,000 perfect impressions. The notary public also uses these stamps to notarize various legal documents.

The Self-Inking Stamps serve essential purposes for the notary public. With the help of these stamps, the notary validates the documents and certificates that require legal sanction by the law of the state. These stamps usually contain the name of the notary public, the belonging state of the notary, his commission number and expiration of the commission. The name of the manufacturer would also be inscribed on the stamp. These details help in identifying the representative authority of the law of any particular state. (more…)

Usefulness of Xstampers

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Xstampers are renowned for their good quality and innovative designs across the world. They are the leading brand name in the pre-inked stamps category. No stamp pad is required with the pre-inked stamps, thus there is no need to worry about the ink as it doesn’t dry up in case the stamp pad is left open. This saves the time to stamp it again and again. These pads are very reliable and durable and can be used for multiple purposes by people for both office and personal use. They offer a hassle-free and error free experience.

Xstampers come in huge varieties and can be customized as per the necessities of individuals. Xstampers help in sending across your gifts and mails to your near and dear ones with a more personal touch. They come with a lifetime guarantee and deliver completely clear impressions. The ink needs to be re-filled only after making around 50,000 perfect impressions. The stamps are very useful and popular among people. (more…)

Variety of Rubber Stamps

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Rubber stamps were also available in the market since a long period of time but they certainly were not as better and varied as they are now. This is the result of the advancement in technology that has helped in improving their quality and usefulness. Even after the use of computers and laptops, these stamps are employed by children, youths and offices equally. These rubber stamps come in two different categories namely custom rubber stamp and art rubber stamp. Both stamps can be customized and personalized in case one wishes to.

Art Rubber Stamps are used for decorative purposes like scrap book making, for designing cards and for adding a personal touch to the gifts or cards sent on various occasions to your near and dear ones. Custom rubber stamps are an essential tool for all types of businesses.  They are used to stamp official documents in order to keep a track of the data in terms of relevancy and logical order. Even after the increasing use of computers, offices are still making use of these custom rubber stamps. (more…)