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Professional Seals

We have all of seal and stamp set ups for all of the different professions in each state. We regularly check with your state boards. Be sure to visit our Professionals section for the up to date information on board changes and frequently asked questions.

Colorado PE Seal Embosser

In the state of Colorado, engineers must possess and use either an embossing seal or a rubber stamp on all documents in order to be compliant with state law. This is acquired at the engineer’s expense, and must meet certain requirements. About the Stamp or Seal The main requirement in Colorado is that the stamp…

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Using Minnesota Architects Stamps and Seals

For architects in the state of Minnesota, it is mandatory to certify and sign plan, reports, plats, specs, and other documents according to Minn. Stat., § Section 326.12, Subdivision 2. This helps to ensure that the architects are taking responsibility for the plans and reports they create and that they have responsibility over. The Minnesota…

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Rules for Using the Pennsylvania Architectural Seal

When an architect in PA receives his or her license, they will need to obtain a seal they can use in order to work in the field. They will need to make sure the Pennsylvania architectural seal matches the requirements of the state in order to be valid. If they are using a seal that’s…

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Required Use of the Puerto Rico Architectural Seal Embosser

Professional architects working in Puerto Rico are required to have a seal on the work they produce in the performance of their duties. This includes plans, drawings, and reports. The government of Puerto Rico has established guidelines to ensure that the architects and others working in similar professional fields such as engineering and surveying are…

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Ohio Architectural Embossing Seals and Digital Seals

All architects working in the state of Ohio need to have their own seal, which they can use for the documents they create in line with their work, as well as documents prepared under their supervision. The Ohio architectural embossing seals do not necessarily have to be embossing seals. The state also allows rubber stamps…

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North Carolina Architectural Embossers and Seals

All licensed architects in North Carolina will need to have a seal that’s authorized by the state board. They are required to use their North Carolina architectural embossers and seals on their specifications and drawings.  While there are corporate architectural seals required in the state for architect firms and corporations, it is important to realize…

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