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Importance of Notarizing the Documents

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

A notary public holds a lot of responsibility as they are the ones who secure important documents from fraud cases. A notary has to carry a few notary supplies which are required to perform his job well.  The duty of a notary public officer is to witness the documents and then certify them. After verification, he signs the documents along with applying the seal for notarizing it.

It is necessary to notarize the legal documents as notarized papers are proven to be genuine and can be presented in the court during any kind of proceedings. The notary public has to make sure that both the parties are genuine and are not doing anything which is against the law. If in any case, the court finds out that the notarized papers are not genuine then the notary public is equally guilty and will be liable for legal implications. (more…)

Importance of Mobile Notary Services

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

With the modernization of technology, many services are also getting modernized. Notary services are one such service. The notary public is providing now-a-days, mobile notary services. It actually eases the task of both the notary and the person who wishes to get the documents approved by the notary. With just one call, one can avail these notary services. Earlier, people used to find the notary at one place or another but now the notary is just a call away.

The idea of a mobile notary has been developed for people with a tight schedule or who keep traveling round the clock. People, who do not have the time to go to the office of the notary, can easily avail these services. Though mobile notary services also include the traveling expenses of the notary, other than the normal fees, they still are not very expensive. But before making use of these services, one should also crosscheck whether the notary public is actually genuine or not or you might land up in trouble either now or in the future. (more…)

Notarize Your Documents to Avoid Malpractices

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

To put an end to the increasing number of frauds that are taking place round the clock, it is necessary to adopt certain precautionary measures beforehand. Securing your important documents is the first step that one needs to take in this direction. To secure them, it is essential to get them notarized by the notary public officer. The notary needs to verify the documents first and then acknowledge them with his official seals and his signatures. This helps in avoiding any future chaos and misunderstandings from both ends.

The notary seals are the best way to secure your documents and make them an official and authenticated document. These seals act as a guarantee to both the parties that the documents are genuine and valid and completely adhere to the law. These seals are available in different packages likes basic seal package, deluxe seal package and supreme package. They are designed keeping your various necessities in mind. (more…)

Importance of Notary Seal Embosser

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

All kinds of legal documents need to be acknowledged and certified by the law. Notary seal embossers are designed to perform these tasks only. These embossers are used in various private as well as public offices to certify documents which need authentication by the law. Notarizing is very important in order to avoid any malpractices and frauds. It secures them and assures the holder that his documents can not be challenged in future for any reason. Documents which are to be sent to other countries also require notarization. Every document marked with the embosser gives a guarantee to the receiver that they are completely legal.

A notary seal embosser contains the full details of the notary public. The name of the issuing State is also engraved on the embosser. This engraving is basically done by the computer. The seal embosser is to be carried by the notary public only. Likewise, only the manufacturer who is authorized by the State should be the one to manufacture these seals. Any other person carrying it would face charges for the same. (more…)

Importance of Seals for Security Reasons

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

People have changed their lifestyle with the changing time and technology. There are certain things which are still the same and perform the same job as they used to perform earlier. The reason is that because of their importance they couldn’t be replaced with new technology. They are none other than the wax seals. In older days, they were used to seal letters and envelopes but now they are used to secure important documents.

They are also used in securing the important notarized documents which hold a lot of importance in front of the court. The documents are secured by putting a wax seal which helps in securing them from fraudulent cases. The preference of using wax seals on the documents is that they are such a substance which takes very less time to thicken over the paper, ribbons or on any other material. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to separate from them the material and they act as a seal of security for the documents. (more…)

Various Notary Seal Packages for Your Safety

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Notary Seals are meant to certify and validate various legal documents, certificates and affidavits. These seals give a guarantee that both the deed and the citizen involved in the deed are true and genuine. They confirm and establish a proof of identity of the same. Notary seals carry the notary public’s name, name of the State to which he belongs, his commission number, expiration date of the commission and its manufacturer’s identification number. These seals are the complete legal property of the notary public.

Due to their multiple requirements, these notary seals are now available in different notary public packages like basic, deluxe and supreme packages. These embossers come with a gliding lock mechanism and offer storage convenience. The basic packages are most economical in nature. The deluxe packages are a versatile unit and deliver excellent performance and the supreme package comes with more additional features like Deluxe Notary Leatherette Pouch, Self Inking Embossed Hereon Stamp and a Pack of Gold Foil Seals. (more…)

Why Notarizing Documents is Necessary

Monday, October 26th, 2009

To secure your important documents from being used for unfair means and frauds, notarizing them is very important. Notarizing documents witnesses the genuineness and legality of both the documents and the person involved. It represents the fact that the documents are legal and valid and should not call for any conflict in future. A notary public officer first ensures that the person is actually what he is representing himself as and only then signs the documents along with assigning the notary signs and seals. Other than documents, certain affidavits, oaths and agreements require authentication as well.

Notary seals are available in different packages like Basic Notary Seal Packages, Gold Gift Executive Packages, Black Basic Packages, Chrome Basic Packages and many more packages. They come with a lifetime warranty and are available at easily affordable prices. Notary seals come equipped with a gliding lock mechanism that safeguards them. These packages generally include the Custom Engraved Notary Public Seal Embosser and Commission Expiration Stamp. The Embosser and Expiration Stamp verify that the documents have been cross-checked by the notary public. (more…)

Procedure for Making Notary Seal Embosser

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The embossing seal serves many purposes which may be required by law. It is difficult to guarantee that the documents may be tampered with or used for fraudulent purposes. It is difficult to counterfeit the embossed image and therefore it cannot be copied and used for unfair practices. Notarizing is also necessary for documents which are destined to be sent overseas. In such cases, the embosser is used in conjunction with a notary seal to make it authentic and genuine.

To make a notary seal embosser, the seal has to be bought from a manufacturer who produces seals. It usually includes a handle, metal seal die, insert and double stick tape wafer. The next step is to enter the important and necessary information for engraving. It is normally a computer-based engraving system where the information is gathered for making the seal. (more…)

Variety of Colors in Notary Embossing Seals

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The job of notary seals and embossers is to authenticate legal documents so that they can be produced in front of the court as valid and binding documents. Therefore a notary public is hired for this purpose and he acts as a third person to ensure that the documents are genuine and he then notarizes them to secure them from being used in an unfair manner.

There are different varieties of embossers which are used in a wide range of official and personal uses. The notary embossing seals are available in different colors like gold, silver, red and black. The different colors serve different purposes which are required to fulfill the given work. The user has to decide the specifications which are required for his work. (more…)

Hand Stamps for Notary Public Seals

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

A notary public requires stamps to put a seal on the documents alongwith the signatures. It depends on the variety used for witnessing them. The hand notary stamps are also used in serving the same purpose. It is used as per the requirement of the document. These are named as hand stamps as these stamps are operated by hands.

It requires necessary pressure to put the mark on the paper by an inked hand stamp. It is considered as the most convenient tool in the notary commission. These can be customized by engraving the necessary information for notarizing the documents. The hand stamps are essential as once made and used in proper way can last for years. Hand stamps for notary public seals are available in different types, which serve different purposes. (more…)