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Notary Public

If you are a notary public, you want to make sure that you are using the correct supplies and staying up to date with the latest news. Check out our notary section for news, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Why you need Kentucky Notary Supplies

Legally, there are no Kentucky notary supplies needed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There are a couple of factors that notary publics should keep in mind before they do not buy any supplies. The first of these factors is that if the notary public is sending documents outside the state, most other states require a…

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Louisiana Notary Supplies and Exam

While Louisiana residents have elected some questionable characters over the years including Earl K. Long, O.K. Allen, and Huey P. Long, the laws to become a notary public in Louisiana, and be eligible to use Louisiana notary supplies are very strict. The first requirement is that the person must be registered to note in the…

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Requirements to Perform Weddings by Notary Publics in Maine

The process individuals must go through to become notary publics in Maine is different from almost any state in the United States. Therefore, people who are interested in becoming a notary public and be eligible to use Maine notary supplies should be sure to follow the law carefully. The person who wants to serve must…

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You Must Influence People to use Maryland Notary Supplies

The process to become a notary public in Maryland is unique when compared to many states. It can move very quickly or it can move a little slower than in other states depending on how well other people cooperate. Therefore, if you need to save money to buy your Maryland notary supplies, you may want…

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Michigan Notary Supplies

Just like all states, Michigan notary publics must meet a number of requirements before they can use Michigan notary supplies. For example, they must be 18 years of age, not have been in prison for the last 10 years, and be a resident of the state. Before the person can start serving, they must post…

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What are the Duties of a Minnesota Notary Public?

Minnesota law spells out the details of what a notary public in the state can do with their Minnesota notary supplies. According to the state law, notary publics in Minnesota have five primary duties. The first job of a notary public using Minnesota notary supplies is to take acknowledgments. When a person appears before a…

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Alaska Notary Public Stamp and Seal Rules and Regulations

If you’ve decided to become a notary public for the state of Alaska, you’ve made an important move. Your Alaska notary public stamp and seal is your affirmation that the signatories of any official documents that cross your desk are who they say they are and that they’re competent to sign the document. This is…

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Mississippi Laws Concerning Notary Journals

The Secretary of State is ordered by the law in Mississippi to determine who can be a notary public and what that person can do. One area that they are concerned about is that the notary publics in their state are aware of the importance of the notary journal. While many states have very strict…

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What You Need to Know About Your Alabama Notary Public Stamp & Seal

If you decide to become a notary public in the state of Alabama, you’ll be responsible for a great many things as a result – especially in the world of official documents. You will literally be placing your “stamp of approval” on a great many documents as a result of being a notary, and that…

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