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If you are a notary public, you want to make sure that you are using the correct supplies and staying up to date with the latest news. Check out our notary section for news, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Know Which Oregon Notary Supplies You Require

Some states are very laid back in the requirements they make for their notaries, and some states take things much more seriously, demanding specific training, exams, surety bonds, and more. The state of Oregon takes a more formal stance on the work of the notary and requires specific training and specific Oregon notary supplies. The…

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Know the Mandatory Pennsylvania Notary Supplies

Anyone who has ever performed the duties of a notary will understand that the job is important and requires a lot of attention to detail. In some places, there are many steps to becoming a notary and performing the sworn duties of the post. Some states are extremely simplified in their approach to notarizing, but…

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How to Put Your New York Notary Supplies to Use

What You Need to Know About Your New York Notary Supplies Just because you have your New York notary supplies doesn’t mean you should be in a rush to start using them. First, read over what your New York notary supplies entail. Even if the secretary of state personally handed them to you, it pays…

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Getting the Right Oklahoma Notary Supplies

Performing the duties of a notary in Oklahoma is not a complicated job, but there are some fundamental steps and essential Oklahoma notary supplies necessary for you to do the work properly. It has to all begin with the application for a commission that you must send to the Oklahoma secretary of state. This application…

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Get the Right New Jersey Notary Supplies for the Job

Having New Jersey notary supplies means something a little different than what it does in most states. We’ll talk about this in detail momentarily, but the rest of your duties are almost identical. As a notary public, the state of New Jersey is entrusting you to faithfully carry out your duties by confirming that any…

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Get the Required Ohio Notary Supplies

Some states require their notaries to go through training and take an exam before they can obtain a commission. They may even require a re-examination each time the notary wants to renew the commission. Of course, some states have no such formalities in place and ask only that their notaries meet a specific list of…

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Find the Right Wyoming Notary Supplies for the Work

Like many states, Wyoming’s Secretary of State is the authority responsible for appointing and managing notaries. However, you do not just call their offices and ask to be given permission to work as a notary. It requires a formal application process along with a few other steps. To begin, visit the Secretary of State’s website…

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Find the Right Texas Notary Supplies

Although the work of a notary is a legal matter, it can be surprising to discover that some states do not require any sort of exam or formal training in order to do the work. However, some states do offer opportunities for training, though they may not make it a requirement in order to become…

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Notary Stamp vs. Notary Seal: Which Is Best?

If you have become a notary, then you will need a stamp or seal. The stamp will use ink and will place an image right on the paper. The seal will be embossed into the paper itself. Before you can order your official notary stamp or notary seal, you need to know which one is…

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