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If you are a notary public, you want to make sure that you are using the correct supplies and staying up to date with the latest news. Check out our notary section for news, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Best Use the Tennessee Notary Public Stamp and Seal

When learning about notaries in Tennessee, and the use of the Tennessee Notary Public stamp and seal, the laws can be a bit confusing. This is because the specific language describing the use of the Tennessee Notary Public stamp and seal says that seals must be rubber (not embossed) and must be imprinted in “any…

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Using the Texas Notary Public Stamp and Seal Correctly

Texas, as most of us know, is an enormous place and yet notaries there have statewide jurisdiction as public servants. Those who take steps to become notaries in Texas will have the state’s approval and authority to:Take acknowledgementsTake protest instruments permitted by law to be protested (such as bills)Administer oathsTake depositionsCertify copies of documents (not…

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The Importance of a Proper Montana Notary Public Stamp and Seal

According to Montana’s Secretary of State, there are seven “Powers” given to people who earn the official title of “notary”. They include:Taking acknowledgementsTaking a verification upon an oath or affirmationWitnessing or attesting a signatureCertifying and attesting a copy of a documentMaking or noting a protest of a negotiable instrumentTake depositions and affidavitsAdminister oaths and affirmationsNotaries…

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The Proper Use of a Wisconsin Notary Public Stamp and Seal

In many states, notaries are commissioned and regulated through the Secretary of State. In Wisconsin, though, it is through the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions that notaries are approved and commissioned. To become one, you must meet the state’s eligibility criteria, submit the proper application, swear an oath of office, and pass the notary exam.…

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Use Your North Dakota Notary Public Stamp and Seal Expertly

As a notary in North Dakota you have the state’s authorization to perform a wide array of tasks, and each is marked by your North Dakota Notary Public stamp and seal. This makes you legally liable for the document and whatever it is that the document indicates. That is a big deal, and it is…

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Use Your Utah Notary Public Stamp and Seal Properly

It is interesting to see how the Secretary of State for Utah provides would-be notaries with a diversity of information to help them become official notaries and do the job properly. Among the different items made available online through the SOS offices is a document that details ten of the biggest and most common errors…

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What Your Nebraska Notary Public Stamp and Seal Means

Did you know that any notary in the state of Nebraska has unlimited financial liability on every single document they notarize? No matter for whom or what you notarize, you may be held completely liable for the use of your Nebraska Notary Public stamp and seal on a document. Thus, it is important that you…

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Learn About Using Your North Carolina Notary Public Stamp and Seal

Many states have long and complex written laws about notarial duties or powers. Fortunately for those in North Carolina, everything is kept very short and very sweet. The Secretary of the State says on its website that the notaries throughout the state are authorized to:Acknowledge signaturesAdminister oaths and affirmationsVerify and/or prove signaturesAnd though this seems…

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Learn About the Use of a Washington Notary Public Stamp and Seal

In some states, you must keep a formal record of your work as a notary, but in Washington it is not mandatory. However, the use of a Washington Notary Public stamp and seal is, and you should know the specifications your Washington Notary Public stamp and seal has to meet in order for it to…

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