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Notary Public

If you are a notary public, you want to make sure that you are using the correct supplies and staying up to date with the latest news. Check out our notary section for news, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Notary Stamp or Seal for your State

If you have become a notary, then you will need a stamp or seal. The stamp will use ink and will place an image right on the paper. The seal will be embossed into the paper itself. Before you can order your official notary stamp or notary seal, you need to know which one is…

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The Military 1044a Notary Seal

Did you know that there are military notaries? Federal law and most states authorize those serving with or working for the U.S. Armed Forces to to serve as notaries for military personnel and their dependents. These military notaries can perform their services across the globe. They are authorized to administer oaths, to take affidavits, sworn statements, depositions, acknowledgments, and provide other…

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Notary Seal Stamps vs. Notary Seals

Should you order a Notary Seal or a Notary Stamp? At Acorn Sales, we get this question a lot. The answer depends on the state that you are commissioned in and the type of documents that you will be notarizing. It is very important for you to refer to your handbook or state requirements you…

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Seal Impression Inker

A Seal Impression Inker can be a very helpful tool when using your embossing seal as it simply puts a dot of ink on the embossed or raised image that you’ve just produced from your embosser. If you are notary commissioned in a state where your seal needs to be photographically reproducible meaning it needs…

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Notaries Must Use The Proper Notary Stamp

Different professions require a variety of business tools on a daily basis. Many of these tools assist people with identifying their work or legalizing official documents or contracts. Some of the more common tools that people might purchase online are self-inking stamps. One profession that uses this type of product frequently is a notary. It…

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A Notary Seal Makes It Official

People like to leave their mark on just about everything they do today. One way to do this is by using a notary seal to leave a specific marking or message. There are certain professions that require the use of a specific seal, and a notary is one of those professions. These items come in…

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