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From the small hand-held embosser to the large industrial electric embosser, we make them all and have for the past 50 years. Check out our embosser section to learn tips, basic embosser instructions and how to keep your embosser safe.

Return Address Embosser a Versatile Device

A return address embosser can have a place on anyone’s desk because of the numerous different uses this device has to offer. You may just be surprised at how much use you could get from it every single year.For example, if you are getting ready to send out invitations of any type, this address embosser…

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The Basics about Personal Embossers

Personal embossers make great gifts for family, friends and coworkers. We offer personalized Pocket Embossers that are compact and lightweight and our Soft Seal Pocket Embossers have rubber handles making them easy to hold and squeeze. Desk Embossers are meant to remain stationary and require less pressure than Pocket Embossers to make a clear imprint.…

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Electric Embossers

Electric Embossers are designed for commercial or industrial office applications. An electric embosser lets you emboss the same seal or logo continually so they are good for frequent use, like embossing documents such as school transcripts, certificate seals or vital statistics. At Acorn Sales we have five electric embossers available and each unit can accommodate an embossing…

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