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Electric Embossers for Efficiency

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Electric embossers are an item of necessity in firms which have to repeatedly emboss documents such as transcripts, certificate seals or vital statistics. The design can be made from your own text layout, artwork or logo. The type of document or embossing that you want to do is a deciding factor in the size of the die.

Electric embossers are of different types  that include motorized units and the heavy duty electric embossers. Electric embossers are valuable time and energy saving products. You just need to touch a button to operate it and no squeezing of the handle is required unlike a manual embosser. The embossing can even be done on card stock or blank paper. (more…)

Importance of Stylish Long Reach Library Embossers

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

The demand and usage of Library Embossers have greatly increased in the recent past. The Stylish long reach library embossers are no more an exception to this. These embossers are used for marking books and documents. Capable of creating long lasting impressions, they are an ideal tool that one can use. The Stylish Long Reach Library Embossers mark a beautiful imprint on books and other stationary.

These Stylish long reach library embossers have marked their presence in various styles and designs. The need and usages of such embossers have encouraged many companies to come up with such amazing creations. These are very convenient as well as easy to use.  The stylish long reach library embossers allow the user to personalize their books in a practical manner. No doubt that these are also considered as a perfect gift item. (more…)

Combo Embossers for Offices

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Embossers have been available in the market since a long period of time. They are employed for several embossing purposes in organizations and corporate entities. Embossers are used to imprint a seal on the documents that are highly sensitive and confidential. It validates those documents so that they cannot be challenged in the future by any individual at any point of time. They have become an essential tool in almost every other office now-a-days.

In current times, these Combo embossers can be customized differently in many ways as they represent the individual image of the organization. They are generally used to create letters, symbols, logos or monograms for these organizations. The best thing about these embossers is that they take very less time but offer perfect quality imprints. These embossers can be used for gifting purposes too, at times of occasions and ceremonies. (more…)

Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Seal Embossers

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

There has been an increase in the demand of seals and stamps by the offices now-a-days. They are required to emboss the necessary documents and papers of office use. These seals and stamps vary in shapes as they are designed to fulfill different requirements of the companies. Not only the offices or companies, but the real estate sector is also making full use of these seals these days. They also use it to imprint seals on their important documents.

The Real Estate Appraiser Pocket Seal Embossers are very compact and thus, are portable to be carried at different places. The embosser comes with a sliding lock mechanism and a heavy duty frame that keeps the ink intact inside the seal. These seals come in variety of soft seal embossers and desk seal embossers. They can be used and kept anywhere at your home or office. They give the best quality imprints that helps in identifying the sequence of the papers on the basis of dates and serial numbers. (more…)

Variety of Electric Embossers

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Electric embossers serve a valuable purpose in both offices as well as for household use. Earlier, traditional hand-held embossers were used for embossing purposes, but now they have been replaced by the electronic embossers. The advancement of technology has made things easier now. These electronic embossers can be best used for frequently delivering the best impressions. It saves more time and energy of the user and is quick to use. They fulfill both personal and professional purposes.

Electronic embossers come in two different categories, i.e., motorized embossers and heavy-duty embossers. They are generally used on legal documents, diplomas and transcripts. These embossers offer 20,000 to 200,000 clear impressions on the paper. They are the best quality impressions and offer convenience to the user. These embossers contain two kinds of dyes- shallow and deeper die. They are designed in a way to imprint the seal perfectly on both the thin and thick kinds of paper. (more…)

Impressive Architect Pocket Seal Embosser

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Architect pocket seal embosser is a very stylish embossing device that supports precision parts and a heavy duty frame to ensure the finest impression on cards, greetings, books and documents. It has a compact design and stunning look and thus it may be a great gift option for people.

Architect pocket seal embosser has been provided with an easy sliding lock mechanism for comfortable handling and storage. The device has a reach of about 1-1/2” to stamp a sheet of paper. It is commonly used in both offices and homes these days. (more…)

Benefits of Electric Embossers

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Embossing can either be done through hand-held embossers or electric embossers. If there is a need for repetitive and frequent embossing then electric embossers are the best option. These make the process of embossing quick and effortless.

You can use the same embossing die on an electric embosser for legal documents, transcripts and diplomas as it is built for high-volume use. When it comes to choosing an electric embosser, one must consider its amount of usage. A motorized electric embosser will give around 20,000 impressions. However, there are other heavy duty electric embossers that give around 200,000 impressions. (more…)

Pocket Address Monogram Combo Embosser- A Great Official Tool

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Pocket address monogram combo embossers are one of the popular official tools that are used for creating great personalized impressions on things such as books, greetings, cards or anything else. Today, the market caters to a different range of embossing seals and thus it has become easier for the individuals to use embossers for different purposes.

These days, it is matters of delight that pocket monogram combo embosser are available in a compact design and beautiful look. Thus, it may be a great gift for people. This device has three initials on the first line, followed by additional lines of text. So, it can be used for your address or any other custom wording requirement. (more…)

Soft Seal Address-Monogram Combo Embosser

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Soft seal address monogram combo embosser is not only a machine for enjoying the finest impressions, but it can also be a great gift for your near and dear ones because of its attractive look and design. This embosser comes with a heavy duty frame to ensure a large number of impressions.

Soft seal address monogram combo embosser has a rubberized grip on the handle frame and thus it is easier to squeeze and hold it. With its sliding lock mechanism, the device is very easy to handle and store anywhere in the office or home.  The embosser offers about 1-1/2” reach from the edge of the page and can be easily used for one sheet of 20-24lb paper. (more…)

Enjoy the Finest Impression with the Desk Address Monogram Combo Embossers

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Desk address monogram combo embossers can be used for different purposes in offices as well as in homes for your personal usage. The monogram embossing plates are 2″ wide by 1″ tall in size. The   bottom two lines can accommodate up to 26 characters per line.

Desk address monogram embossers come with three initials on the first line and some additional lines of text that can be used for customized wording and the address. This device is designed to produce fine impressions with the least possible efforts. This device is good for one sheet of 20-24lb paper, or up to 40lb paper for light cardstock. (more…)