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Architectural Seals – For the Professional Touch

For any professional architect, his/her own seal is a requirement by law and also a medium through which their copyright over the work is established. Most of the states in United States have their own architectural seal design which needs to be displayed on all proprietary papers and the official documents. Since the seal is a mark of reliance of your services, the physical mark of it should also display quality and reliability. At Acorn Sales, we custom design the seals and stamps for the architects based on their own choice as well as the statutory requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Acorns Sales is a family owned business that has been in the business of designing and producing stamps, seals and related machinery since 1964. Our years of experience in the business have not only established us as the favored producer for the seals and stamps but our exceptional customer service has also won us scored of repeat customers. Since most of our products are either made or assembled in USA in our own warehouse, we track the quality of our products every step of the way to bring you a masterpiece. So confident are we of our quality and workmanship that we offer a 2-year warranty with all our products. 

From the simple handheld embossers and stamps to the heavy duty electric and motorised seals and stamps, we produce the architectural seals that cover the whole spectrum of services.

Regular handheld pocket seals can be carried around during fieldwork, while the motorised seals are meant for stamping papers by the hundreds. From rubber seals to the metallic and the cast-iron ones, we have seals to suit all tastes and needs. Architectural seals are typically pressure sensitive seals that emboss the paper on which they are impressed. Depending on the thickness of the paper and the depth inside the paper where the seal has to be placed, the seal comes in various designs like the long reach or the extended long reach type too.

Most professional architectural seals vary in diameter from 1 5/8th of an inch to 2 inches and the variations in between. There are seal embossers which come with an extra security feature to ensure that only authorized personnel can use them.

We also produce the traditional wooden handheld stamps which use a cloth or felt stamp pad. The production of architectural stamps and seals is all about creating sharp, precise and clear images and at Acorn Sales, we use laser engraving to achieve the best results.

As part of our value added customer service, Acorn Sales provides a complementary JPG, TIX and DXF files of the architectural seal during purchase. With a production time of only 24-48 hours within the placement of the order, you can expect your order to be with you within a few days.