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Purpose of Corporate seals

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

A corporate seal is generally used by the companies to imprint documents and official papers. They are also referred to as company seals or common seals. Traditionally, they were used by the law companies to validate and authenticate various documents of other companies. It used to give a legal significance to those documents. Now-a-days, corporate entities are using them for fulfilling two main purposes. One is to certify the documents as deeds and the second is to issue stock certificates to its stock holders.

These corporate seals contain various details like the legal name of the company, the year of establishment and the name of the state in which it exists. They are mostly used to imprint the seal of the company on the documents. It also comes of aid in case you wish to notarize documents like a mortgage, transfer of property, business loan, etc. They actually enhance the image of the corporate and also represent the company’s identity and brand. (more…)

Latest Technology Address Stamps

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

An address stamp is used for various purposes and can be customized accordingly. With the advent of new technologies, they can be personalized as per the necessities of the sender these days. They are used to mark an imprint on the back of an envelope or on some other piece of stationery, invitation card or greeting. They offer an error-free experience and give your message a more personalized touch. The receiver feels special while receiving the message. This is the outcome of the great progress in technology in recent times.

These address stamps convey the message to your near and dear ones very efficiently. They are highly efficient and save the time and energy of both the sender and the receiver. The stamps come with 3 or 4 lines for imprinting the address and deliver quality impressions. These address stamps come in three different varieties as Regular Rubber Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps and Slim Stamps. There are many color choices available in these stamps other than the usual black color. (more…)

Variety of Date Stamps

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

As technology is progressing, each and every product in the market is getting upgraded to match the latest standards of the new technology. The same is the case with date stamps. Earlier, these date stamps were accompanied by an additional kit that consisted of ink pads for multiple purposes. This was an additional responsibility for the person carrying the date stamps. But now these stamps have been improvised with the latest technology and have been taken over by custom date stamps where the date and text can be customized together.

These custom date stamps are available in large varieties such as die plate date stamps, line date stamps, local style date stamps, double date stamps, single bridge date stamps and maxlight per-inked date stamps. They serve different purposes like some are used in banks and businesses for official purposes. These stamps feature an in-built ink pad and stamp mount. The ink pads can be replaced as per the convenience of the user and come with plastic covers. It preserves the ink and keeps it ready for use. When pressed properly, these stamps deliver a perfect and smooth impression. (more…)

Variety of Printer Cartridges

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

In almost all industries, printer cartridges are used to print the various important documents or reports related to the company. The printer cartridges are available in large varieties and come equipped with the latest updated technology. The quality of these printer cartridges is very good and they are very easy to maintain and use. This helps in producing a clear impression of the text and graphics on the paper giving a proper view of all the important things.

These printer cartridges are classified into three categories- Ink Jet cartridges, Laser cartridges and Copier/Fax Cartridges. Ink Jet cartridges are the most cost effective and quality product available for use. Laser Cartridges are a bit expensive than ink-jet cartridges but they print more number of hard copies with more clear prints. Copier/Fax cartridges are used to scan images, documents and to transfer the same to the near and dear ones. (more…)

Specialty of Laser Toner Cartridges

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The laser toner cartridges are a kind of printer cartridges that are used a lot by the people in various industries. They offer the best quality and provide a perfect impression of the text and graphics requested. They are the most often used cartridges across the globe by most of the companies. For official as well as various other purposes, they really prove to be of great help.

These days many branded companies are developing these laser toner cartridges like HP, Brother, IBM, Epson, Dell, Toshiba and so on. They install top-class high performance technology in these cartridges and are providing them in the market at quite reasonable rates. They are also available as environment-friendly machines that make them cost effective and they are quality products. They are designed by finding out the needs and necessities of the various segments of the society as only they would need them. (more…)

Uses of Stock Certificates

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Almost every organization issues certificates that represent the company’s ownership and shows the number of stock shares. These certificates are issued to the stockholders of the company. The shareholder is entitled with the right to attend the meetings hosted by the company and it also entitles him to vote while the company is thinking of implementing certain changes in the policies, procedures or anything of similar sorts. Though they are a bit expensive, still companies prefer these stock certificates as they can be customized as per the needs of the company.

The stock certificates come with unique designs and are easy to customize. These certificates usually come imprinted with the name of the company, the belonging state of the organization, the number of authorized units of the company and a signature line. The corporation can customize the stock certificates as per its necessity. In some certificates, there comes a border lining of different colors like orange, blue, green and brown that makes it unique and attractive. (more…)

Professional Seals for Multiple Purposes

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

In almost each and every profession, seals are required to represent the signing authority’s approval on various documents and certificates. These seals come in a huge variety and are individually designed as per the individual profession. The seal of an architect may vary from an investor’s seal and that of a geologist may vary from a forester’s seal. They actually represent the fact that the person applying the seal has thoroughly checked the documents and has approved them after checking.

These professional seals are supposed to be carried and used only by the professional who holds the license and authority to use them. These seals can be used only by those people who get the approval from the government first. They are designed with specific customizations as per the requirement of the state and individual. Any estate agent, government employee or businessman can possess these seals but only with the authorization by the state. (more…)

Variety of Electric Embossers

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Electric embossers serve a valuable purpose in both offices as well as for household use. Earlier, traditional hand-held embossers were used for embossing purposes, but now they have been replaced by the electronic embossers. The advancement of technology has made things easier now. These electronic embossers can be best used for frequently delivering the best impressions. It saves more time and energy of the user and is quick to use. They fulfill both personal and professional purposes.

Electronic embossers come in two different categories, i.e., motorized embossers and heavy-duty embossers. They are generally used on legal documents, diplomas and transcripts. These embossers offer 20,000 to 200,000 clear impressions on the paper. They are the best quality impressions and offer convenience to the user. These embossers contain two kinds of dyes- shallow and deeper die. They are designed in a way to imprint the seal perfectly on both the thin and thick kinds of paper. (more…)

Various Features of Self Inking Address Stamps

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Self Inking Address Stamps are multi-purpose stamps that prove to be of help in customizing articles like letter heads, invitation cards, greetings and much more. With the help of these stamps you can personalize these articles with different styles and designs. It saves the effort to ink the pads again and again and they also offer quality smooth impressions. These address stamps are easily available in the market at minimal prices and are completely foolproof.

Self Inking Address Stamps come with a 3 line address space leaving no space for errors. It gives you a clean impression and avoids smudges. It has a built-in ink pad that offers a capacity of delivering 20,000 smooth impressions. These stamps come in different 10-12 point font types. You can put it to the best use by taking care of it properly as these stamps require adequate care. It is very light in weight and you can easily carry it to different places. It leaves regular stamps and pads quite behind in the race and proves to be a more preferred option. (more…)

Variety of Corporate Supplies

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Corporate supplies are used as a tool of communication by various companies. A company needs these supplies to personalize various documents. Corporate supplies include a variety of corporate seal embossers, corporate kits, other corporate supplies and stock certificates. These seals and stamps give significance to these documents and also reflect the image of the company. They come equipped with the latest technology and offer excellent usage.

These corporate supplies are available in different sizes and shapes as per the various requirements of the company. The stamps and seals are used extensively on a daily basis by the companies. The stamps are available in various types like address stamps, rubber stamps and date stamps. These stamps are kept by the company personnel only and are not to be used by anyone else for any other purposes. The seals come in 3 categories as letter seals, wax seals and envelope seals. Both the stamps and seals are customized as per the individual need of separate entities. (more…)