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Carry Notary Stamps Around With You

Monday, October 19th, 2009

A large variety of products are available in the market including notary stamps. A user can avail plenty of options via the Internet with just a click of the mouse. With the change in style of working, products have also been modified to suit the style of living. Therefore, new features and options are introduced to make the product attractive and appealing for customers. There is an upgradation in products and supplies required in official and personal use.

The stamps which were only made up of rubber for stamping dates on the documents are now available in different types of styles and can be suited for different purposes. It is a highly used item not only for official purposes but also for notarizing documents. A proper permission has to be taken from the Secretary of State to manufacture a notary stamp. The stamp contains essential information as per the requirement and purpose. (more…)

Secure your Notary Supplies by Locking Boxes

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Every notary public officer is liable to protect the essential notary supplies given to him for performing his duties. These supplies can only be kept with the person who is authorized to use them. Therefore, it is his duty to secure them from being stolen or from misuse. If stolen, they can be used for unfair practices and that could put the notary public officer in a problem as he would be charged by the court.

The security problem is a major issue which should be taken seriously by the notary public. Therefore, to overcome such issues, new security products are available in the market to prevent the notary supplies from being misused. (more…)

Find a Suitable Notary Public Officer

Monday, October 19th, 2009

A notary public is a certified state officer appointed by the state to perform the duties required to notarize documents. He acts as a third party who witnesses and certifies that the documents are genuine so that they can be produced in the court. There are other services which can also be performed by the notary public such as administering an oath, acknowledgments and jurats.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the notary public is not authorized to provide legal services. Those who are in need of such services must contact an attorney who is qualified to give advise on legal matters. The notary supplies are available from various online stores and can be personalized to serve many different purposes. To name a few, these can be used as expiration stamps, jurats stamps and acknowledgment stamps. (more…)

Essentials of Slim Pre-Inked Notary Stamps

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Slim Pre-Inked Notary Stamps are used solely by the notary public to acknowledge various legal deeds, agreements, greetings and documents. They witness that both the parties are genuine and mutually agree to the document being notarized. The stamps serve multiple purposes and are used exclusively by the notary public only. Except the notary public official no other individual can possess these stamps as it is considered illegal by the State for doing so and any person found guilty would be liable for punishment.

These notary public stamps contain the complete legal name of the notary, the name of the belonging State, commission number, identification number of the manufacturer and the expiration date of the same. Only those persons who are sanctioned by the secretary of the State can be the manufacturers of these stamps. They are designed for the immediate validation of documents. (more…)

Procedure for Making Notary Seal Embosser

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The embossing seal serves many purposes which may be required by law. It is difficult to guarantee that the documents may be tampered with or used for fraudulent purposes. It is difficult to counterfeit the embossed image and therefore it cannot be copied and used for unfair practices. Notarizing is also necessary for documents which are destined to be sent overseas. In such cases, the embosser is used in conjunction with a notary seal to make it authentic and genuine.

To make a notary seal embosser, the seal has to be bought from a manufacturer who produces seals. It usually includes a handle, metal seal die, insert and double stick tape wafer. The next step is to enter the important and necessary information for engraving. It is normally a computer-based engraving system where the information is gathered for making the seal. (more…)

Variety of Colors in Notary Embossing Seals

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The job of notary seals and embossers is to authenticate legal documents so that they can be produced in front of the court as valid and binding documents. Therefore a notary public is hired for this purpose and he acts as a third person to ensure that the documents are genuine and he then notarizes them to secure them from being used in an unfair manner.

There are different varieties of embossers which are used in a wide range of official and personal uses. The notary embossing seals are available in different colors like gold, silver, red and black. The different colors serve different purposes which are required to fulfill the given work. The user has to decide the specifications which are required for his work. (more…)

Upgrade Knowledge from Notary Books

Friday, October 16th, 2009

A notary public is a certified state officer who is given the responsibility for executing notary acts. The role played by a notary public is very critical as they have to witness legal document to make them authentic by signing them. They have to be smart enough to judge if the person or documents are genuine or not. They can themselves be charged if found guilty in notarizing any fraudulent documents. Therefore, they have to be careful enough before signing the paper along with assigning their notary seals.

There are a variety of notary supplies which are available for notarizing the documents. The notary officer has to keep all the supplies ready with him. There are other specific notary books which have all the essential information, details and also the state notary commandment. A lot of books are available which the notary officer can keep for instant reference. These books can be based on orientation books which include the Identification checking guide or some dictionary related to legal terminology.  (more…)

Customized Pre inked Stamps for Notary Transactions

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The benefits offered by pre-inked stamps have made them popular for official and other purposes. These can be customized as per the need and requirement of the individual. These can be used to stamp the documents being received in any office or can be used for marking an invoice as being paid. There are also other types of work where they can be used. For instance, they can be used in notary transactions and can be customized as an expiration stamp to be used to imprint the expiration date of the notary public commission.

These pre inked commission expiration stamps () are available in different colors which includes red, green, blue and purple. These pre inked stamps are made of special material which can retain the ink within them. These stamps have the capacity to imprint around 10,000 impressions and can be replaced or re-inked after the ink level drops down. The stamp has to be depressed slightly to leave an impression on the paper or document. The impression will be clear and crisp leaving an impressive image.
Such pre inked stamps are designed in such a way that they can be handled easily and fit into a pocket or purse without taking much space. Many online stores have a variety of pre inked stamps in different colors which can be availed at affordable rates. The colored inks contain an oil which allows the stamp to stay wet and ever ready for use.

Notary Record Books for Referral Purposes

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

The notary public performs his job with full dedication and sincerity. The work assigned to him is very complex if observed closely. There can be many complications that may come up in case the notary public does not perform his duties diligently and there might be instances when even charges may be levied on the notary officer. Therefore, he has to be sure before signing the documents.

The notary public can keep a record book to makes notes of all the notary transactions. This will help him to make an easy reference in case of any urgency. If any fraud case arises, he can use the record book to refer it without any problem. There is no such specific type or layout which is used for a record book but the notary can use one as per his requirement and convenience. (more…)

Importance of Notary Coaching

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

The applicants for the job of a notary commission always remain confused as to whether they should take coaching for the examination or not. There are several notary training centers which provide their own schedule to prepare the applicant for a commission examination. It becomes a little difficult in finding one which can be fruitful for you.

The training courses introduce you with the different complexities that could occur during witnessing the documents. It also includes various guidelines which can help you to avoid unpleasant situations. The notary public ensures that the document he is about to sign is genuine and is in accordance with the law. The notary can also be charged if he fails to perform his duties in the right manner. (more…)