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Variety of Notary Public Signs

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

A Notary Public Sign is one of the products that are available in the market for the notary public. These signs come engraved with the verbiage ‘Notary Public’ and sometimes include the notary public officer’s name as well. Notary signs are the exclusive property of the notary public. It represents the fact that the person with the sanctioned sign is acclaimed by the law of the State and holds adequate authority.

Notary public signs are available in a standard size of 2” X 10”. It can be easily attached to a desk holder which will make it look more appealing. A large variety of colors can be easily found in the notary signs. The public signs come engraved with brass, silver, black, walnut and two-color engravings. They come with standard silver and gold holders. (more…)

Notary Security Products to Secure Notary Stamps

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

To safeguard the notary stamps from thefts, many public and private companies are coming up with the idea of using notary security products. These products are designed specially for the safety of the stamps as they could be misused by fraudsters for illegal purposes. The stamps are only meant to be used by the notary public to authorize various legal documents. Any misuse can create chaos for the notary public officer.

Notary security products are available with a specially designed lock case to accommodate a variety of seals like notary stamps, architect seals, etc. The safety box also comes with a foam lining that helps in preventing any harm to the notary stamps. Its lock mechanism keeps things intact and in place. These safety boxes are very reasonably priced and are made of top quality materials to keep the stamps safe from any kind of theft. (more…)

Self Inking Stamps Offer Quality and Convenience

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Self inking stamps are the most energy and time saving stamps. These stamps are designed to deliver quality impressions and don’t require to be inked time and again. They have an in-built stamp pad that gives an optimum number of smooth impressions without leaving any smudges. They are very lightweight and easy to carry from place to place. These stamps are made of quality materials that make them more reliable. Self inking stamps come in use for both official as well as notary purposes.

The Self-inking Stamps carry the State seal, the notary public officer’s name and commission and expiration number of the notary. They are issued directly by the Secretary of the State to the notary. Similarly the manufacturer too needs to avail permission to manufacture these stamps. These stamps offer convenience to the notary public as there is no need to carry any additional ink pad along with the stamp. (more…)

Various Notary Seal Packages for Your Safety

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Notary Seals are meant to certify and validate various legal documents, certificates and affidavits. These seals give a guarantee that both the deed and the citizen involved in the deed are true and genuine. They confirm and establish a proof of identity of the same. Notary seals carry the notary public’s name, name of the State to which he belongs, his commission number, expiration date of the commission and its manufacturer’s identification number. These seals are the complete legal property of the notary public.

Due to their multiple requirements, these notary seals are now available in different notary public packages like basic, deluxe and supreme packages. These embossers come with a gliding lock mechanism and offer storage convenience. The basic packages are most economical in nature. The deluxe packages are a versatile unit and deliver excellent performance and the supreme package comes with more additional features like Deluxe Notary Leatherette Pouch, Self Inking Embossed Hereon Stamp and a Pack of Gold Foil Seals. (more…)

Purpose of Notary Stamps

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

To notarize various legal documents a notary public is generally equipped with notary supplies like notary signs and stamps. The notary first ensures that the documents presented are genuine and only then he signs those documents. The sign and stamp of the notary serve as a witness that the documents completely abide by the law. These stamps are exclusively owned by the notary public and no other individual is entitled to possess them as it is illegal and the concerned individual would be liable for punishment. The same law applies for the manufacturers of these stamps as they need to get a sanction by the Secretary of the State for manufacturing them.

These notary public stamps contain the complete legal name of the notary, the concerned State’s name, the manufacturer’s identification number, commission number and expiration date of the commission. Notary Stamps are available in three different categories: Notary Slim Stamps, Self-Inking Notary Stamps and Regular Notary Stamps. The Slim Stamps are Pre-Inked and mark around 10,000 stamp impressions. Self-Inking Stamps are very durable and offer quality rubber stamp impressions. Regular Notary Stamps are more reliable and economical in nature. (more…)

Highly Recommended Notary Training Classes

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Notary public training classes are designed to offer an insight to the fresh notaries. These classes provide them with the basic knowledge and skills required from a notary. The notary public officer is assigned with huge responsibilities and therefore requires an in-depth knowledge of the duties and responsibilities involved. A notary is directly appointed by the Secretary of the State and holds a very crucial position. His main tasks are to cross-check and verify various legal documents and affidavits.

The notary training classes introduce the notaries with the various acts of notaries and notary law and procedures. They offer both basic as well as higher level guidance. These classes are highly recommended as they help them in becoming an active commissioned notary public. It also imparts you with the knowledge that is necessary to pass the exam for becoming a notary public officer. After they pass the exam they are trained to handle the legal proceedings. A notary is never supposed to be biased either towards the law or the persons involved in a particular notarization. (more…)

Procedure for Becoming a Notary Public Officer

Monday, October 26th, 2009

To become a notary public officer one needs to undergo a three-step process of filling up the application form, submitting the fees for the same and appearing for the exam. The applicants need to be fully equipped with the legal procedures of the State, its various notary laws and the penalties that are assigned for multiple crimes. Once you clear the exam, you would be required to take an oath to stay loyal and impartial towards the Law of the State and its citizens. The notary officer gets appointed by the Secretary of the State.

The notary public officer is generally assigned the task of verifying and authenticating various legal documents and affidavits. To notarize these documents, the notary public officer uses various notary supplies like notary signs, seals and stamps. These seals and stamps authorize the documents and establish a proof of identity of the same. Only the notary public officer can possess these seals and stamps as they can be easily misused by fraudsters. (more…)

New and Modified Way to Secure Notary Supplies

Monday, October 26th, 2009

The notarized documents hold a lot of importance for the person owning them as they can easily be presented infront of a court of law. The notarization is done by a certified state officer who is commissioned to perform the duties without involving any personal interest in the same. Notary publics use different types of seals, signs and stamps to fulfill their job requirement.

The notarization is done only to secure the documents from unfair practices but those products which are used for notarizing the documents should also be secured. Therefore, there are new and advanced notary security products which are designed exclusively for protecting the notary supplies required to notarize the documents. These are easily available in various colors and shapes as per the variation in quantity of products. Different sizes have different price variations and these are available at affordable prices. (more…)

What Does A Notary Public Need?

Monday, October 26th, 2009

A notary public or a notary is a person selected by state government officials who witnesses the signing of various legal documents. He is the legally authorized person given the responsibilities to administer oaths, take acknowledgments and certify documents is a notary. Even if the job of a notary public seems simple, but it can be challenging sometimes. He is responsible to ensure that the person signing a document is the actual person who he/she says. In some cases, he may have to spend some time in order to verify the names of the parties involved in the signing.

A person who aspires to a notary public is required to appear in respective tests. Besides, there are a candidate has to undergo certain training in the performance of your duties. The person must have an in-depth knowledge about his respective state’s law and ethics to be a notary. Many states organizes notary public workshop or classes that impart essential information of that profession. (more…)

Why Notarizing Documents is Necessary

Monday, October 26th, 2009

To secure your important documents from being used for unfair means and frauds, notarizing them is very important. Notarizing documents witnesses the genuineness and legality of both the documents and the person involved. It represents the fact that the documents are legal and valid and should not call for any conflict in future. A notary public officer first ensures that the person is actually what he is representing himself as and only then signs the documents along with assigning the notary signs and seals. Other than documents, certain affidavits, oaths and agreements require authentication as well.

Notary seals are available in different packages like Basic Notary Seal Packages, Gold Gift Executive Packages, Black Basic Packages, Chrome Basic Packages and many more packages. They come with a lifetime warranty and are available at easily affordable prices. Notary seals come equipped with a gliding lock mechanism that safeguards them. These packages generally include the Custom Engraved Notary Public Seal Embosser and Commission Expiration Stamp. The Embosser and Expiration Stamp verify that the documents have been cross-checked by the notary public. (more…)